Friday, 8 August 2014

Holy Funk - Melbourne Based Furniture Brand with an edge

We stumbled across Holy Funk following our obsession with The Block Australia 2013. If you haven’t checked out The Block Shop you have too, it gives you a real insight into homewear designers and has links to their sites directly. Another two brands you have to check out are Ali McnabneyStevens, A Melbourne Based British artist, and Feliz an organic and ethical homeware brand.

Holy Funk describe themselves as:
“An online concept store specialising in a range of unique industrial, vintage & retro furniture. We continue to work tirelessly to develop a wide network of specialist suppliers, manufactures & designers.” (Holy Funk, 2014)

I describe them as one of the best priced, unique furniture brand that deliver excellent service and delivery even to Perth WA. The quality of the products will not let you down. We were so impressed with our first purchase, our bedside tables, that we were instantly on the lookout for our TV cabinet which arrived last week. A mixture of homewares and products are offered which feature different materials and concepts. Popular products usually feature a mixture of vintage and industrial inspiration such as their Two Tier Coffee Table $349.00. See our bedside tables and container TV stand below. Whats next do I hear you ask… a coffee table J.
Bedside Tables - Holy Funk
TV Cabinet - Holy Funk
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