Thursday, 14 August 2014

I must confess I am a Lipstick Addict

If you are like me and you love the bold lipstick look then you know that not all of the time you get it right. In fact I'll admit I get it wrong more than I do right. Whether its pick the wrong brand, smudge it all over your face, choose the wrong colour or seem to get it more on your teeth then your lips, I think you would agree with me that lipstick is an art form.

 What do you find the most difficult about lipstick application?

My Lipstick Collection - Mac, Benefit, Topshop, Sportsgirl & More

With so many brands and colours out there it is hard to identify which are the best for you. It can seem over whelming and there is nothing worse than buying an expensive lipstick and finding out that upon application, it smudges to easily or dries out your lips.

So here is my 5 tops tips that I use when buying a lipstick:

  • Take advice - Listen to your friends, family, colleagues or anyone that you know in the industry. Buying a product that they have tried, tested and loved saves you all the hard work :). If it works for them then it is more than likely going to work for you. Just make sure that the colour you chose suits your colour palette.
  • Higher the price does not mean better quality - I will not name brand names here but I have been very disappointed in the past in paying more $$$ for a luxury brand lipstick. It turned out to be too oily, unwearable and after an hour left me extremely smudged and with a horrible uneven colour. My favourite products, and ones that I have found to be the most durable,  tend to be from everyday high street brands. Don't be fooled by the allure of a designer name for quality when it comes to lipstick there are some amazing high street lipsticks out there.
  • Trial the product before you buy - Now this is my secret. So shhh! Often before a girlie night out on a Saturday I'll go and visit the makeup counter. There is a reason they have the utensils there and make up chairs, you are allowed to trial lipstick, just don't directly apply it use a cotton bud. Wear it out, drink with it on, eat with it on, take photos with it on. You will soon find out whether its what you want from a lippie. Do this before you buy and you wont be disappointed.
  • Do your research - As I have said before there are so many varieties. I favour a matte lipstick which slightly stains my lips, but what do you like? What colours suit your skin tone? Whats your budget? Know the answers to these questions and it will narrow down the market place quite considerably.
  • Stick to a brand YOU love - Found a lipstick that works every time? Good then stick to it, just try new colours. If it works every time why settle for anything less?
At Dressing Down Under I stick to 4 main brands, MAC, Maybelline, Topshop and Sportsgirl. All readily available on the high street and a variety of prices.
1) MAC - "Matte so Chaud"
2) MAC - "Viva Glam Nicki"
3) Maybelline - "338 Midnight Plum"
4) Sportsgirl - "Dark Angel"
In Cosmopolitan's September Issue 2014, "The Red Lip" is one of 3 Makeup Looks that everyone needs. Give it a go today :)

"Red symbolises power; passion and sensuality. Paint the classic shade on your pout and fingers, and then depending on your outfit, you'll be ready for a day in the office or a night on the town. Warm up the rest of your face with a cream bronzer and highlighter." (Cosmopolitan, 2014)

What is your fave lipstick and why? 
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