Sunday, 24 August 2014

Review - Hello Hair Hydrating Treatment

With my relentless determination to become a firey red head, it is safe to say that my hair quality isn't the best it has ever been. One of the many prices we have to pay for beauty. Naturally I have very fair hair, and recently it has been exceptionally dry and was constantly breaking every time I tried to put my hair up. My poor boyfriend wakes up every morning with hair all over his side of the bed. How it gets there I will never know. It is not exactly the most glam thing to wake up to in the morning. 

I had enough and (of course) begun some serious social media research. Cue 2 hours of reading before bed. That is when I remembered that a while a go I had come across Hello Hair Hydrating Treatment. Their Instagram profile was engaging and so informative that it made me like the product before I even identified it as a requirement of my lifestyle. 

100% natural Hello Hair hydration mask is a treatment which utilises Almond, Argan and Coconut Oils to strengthen, condition and provide nutrition to damage and weak locks. What really hooked me was their next statement:

"It is a great remedy for colour treated and bleached hair, chemically treated hair, and hair which is regularly affected by heat exposure from the sun, blow drying and straightening." (Hello Hair, 2014)

I mean which of us ladies doesn't over style or sun bathe, we are in Perth WA aren't we? Within 2 mins of being on their site their Hello Hair Hydrating Mask was purchased for only $15.00 BRILLIANT! 

4 days later and I came home to a very full post box. With a girly Saturday night in the cards it was the perfect time to treat my hair to exactly what it needed. I was not disappointed. My first impression was yum, the smell was incredible, I felt like I was on a tropical beach. 45 mins later and my hair was soft, shiny and smooth.  Even better there was enough left in that tube for 2 more applications (I am dancing up and down right now as I type this).

If you have similar problems to what I had give Hello Hair a go. I know you will love it as much as I did. 

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